“Strivers achieve what dreamers believe!”

What happens when you collide with a group of brilliant minds? You create a team of excellence. Digital Strivers is one such group of passionate people who are experts in their domains of web services. We found each other while working together in various fields where we couldn’t give the right direction to our ideas, marketing strategy, and benefits. Hence we came together to make businesses all over India reach the utmost heights of success with our push. Our main objective is to provide result-oriented and affordable web services and digital marketing solutions to our business partners. 

Tripti Rajput, The Founder of Digital Strivers, is an SEO Expert who holds expertise in domains such as the Health, Beauty, and Skin Care Industry, IT Industry, and Education Industry in India, Legal process Outsourcing in Australia, and the Eyewear Industry of UK. 

She realised during her working days that people pay for the sake of business to grow but fail to see the desired results due to lack of strategy and efforts from service providers. For Example, she noted in one of her assignments in the UK based eyewear industry where SEO was performed from when the company took off, unfortunately, the result was not worth the investment. As soon as she carried out SEO with a unique planned strategy and perspective, keywords ranking and site traffic reached on top that resulting in 4x increased sales just within a span of a few months. The simple conclusion here is your business needs to be understood, derive compact strategy implementation, and needs a big wheel in charge to reach the thriving destination.

What others claim to execute in digital marketing, we guarantee to achieve. Persistency and passion is significant success trait for any business. You have got to give it all, build motivation and grit towards those days when things are hard to achieve. That is what makes you stand out, tell successful stories and strengthen global partnerships. 

In her professional journey, she came across other core group members of Digital Strivers who are experts in their respective domains. The team shared the common goal and passion for helping business reach their potential with their expert knowledge and years of experience.

As the team always wanted to build their own business and grow it to ultimate success. Hence we can empathise with startups and small ventures that struggle in the initial years. The team understands that such firms have limited capital to invest in opting for web services hence giving them the initial push in greater magnitude increases their motivation and helps them to survive among big sharks in the market. You and I share the same goal, to bring down big ventures, build your brand and get exponential growth in the business. Let us not wait any longer! Goals and actions are not to be collected. Let us collaborate and achieve what you once used to dream.

If you would like to sell your product online and reach more global customers, we are here to help support your business. Email us: digitalstrivers@gmail.com