What are the most popular car accessories? Here are 10 of them.

most popular car accessories

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Most Popular Car accessories

Cars don’t come with many accessories that may be needed in day-to-day life. For example, car air freshener. This helps to combat odors and give an enjoyable fragrance. But these accessories won’t come factory fitted. In this blog, I cannot give you tips that will make your car heaven “cause that’s not possible.

But in this blog, you will find accessories that are useful in daily driving. Every accessory is useful which will enhance your overall experience. So, let’s get started. 

In the beginning, we will talk about interior accessories as it is more important than exterior accessories.

Car air fresheners

It is not possible to clean our car every day. If our car interior gets wet then it may start smelling. There can be other factors too. But no one will want an odorful long ride. Air fresheners produce mists of fragrances. This is available in diffuser form too which can be plugged inside the AC vents. Along with the AC air, the fragrance will continue coming in this way and relax you for your long ride.

Various types of fragrances are available and there are a lot of brands to choose from like Michelin and 3M.

Steering covers

In budget cars, the steering wheel is not leather coated. They generally have a hard surface that doesn’t feel good to touch. This may become annoying especially if you go for long drives. So, steering covers are a good addition to enhance your driving comfort.

Car floor mat

If we install car floor mats then it will be easier to clean the car. Car floor mats are easily removable by anyone, so you can remove them and clean them. Your car interior won’t get damaged if you have mats. Additionally, if your passengers want to sir barefooted then soft car floor mats will give them immense pleasure. 


Sunshades  are also called sunblinds. Ever happened that sunlight has directly fallen on your eyes? Many times when we ride, the sunlight can irritate us from the windows. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Sunshades can block the sunlight coming from the rear glass and windows. The driver has sunshade in the front to block sunlight from the front but for someone taking passengers consistently, they need sunshades.

Cabin lights

Not all cars come with a powerful cabin light. Many cars have a dim cabin light which may not be sufficient for you at night. So, you can choose to replace your existing cabin light or even install another one. 

Car fans

India is a hot and humid country. For the most part of the year, you need a fan to keep you cool in many areas. Keeping the AC on for most of the days will lead to high running costs which are not desirable for many drivers. SO, when it is not too hot you can just use a car fan which is very easy to install on the dashboard and plug into the car socket.

Mobile phone holder

Not every car has a touchscreen infotainment system with GPS maps etc. In those cars, a mobile phone holder becomes a good accessory. If you can mount your mobile near your face then you can easily access maps and drive accordingly. Also, you can record selfie videos if you keep your mobile in the mobile phone holder. These holders are easily mountable on the dashboard or windshield.

Car air purifiers

This is a helpful accessory especially if you drive in Delhi. When tested inside a car, the air upon driving in Delhi becomes toxic. Or in any city where the air is unhealthy, air purifiers can be used in case of prolonged driving.

Now, let us talk about some exterior accessories

Car cover

Our car is a beloved possession. We always want to keep it as new as possible. A car cover protects the car against harsh sunlight or rainfall. Not only the weather but it also saves our car from bird dropping and dust.

Car mudguard

Car mudguard stops mud from scattering over your car’s body. A mudguard forms a little barrier and the mud sticks to it or returns back to the wheels. It is good if you don’t like dirty muddy cars.

Last but not the least,

Tyre inflators

Well frankly, it cannot be categorized as an exterior or interior accessory but is very helpful in long drives. If you drive in remote places and your tire gets punctured then even if you have a  puncture repair kit you will land up nowhere. After repairing the puncture, filling the air to the tire is important before you can drive your car. With tyre inflators you can easily fill air into your tires by plugging it into the car socket itself.

Also, buy a puncture repair kit if you haven’t already.

In this blog, we discussed all the necessary car accessories which may save you in difficult times. Always try to include these in your car for a better driving experience and also for saving the car from the weather. Lastly, a tire inflator is definitely worth the money as a repair shop won’t be available everywhere.

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