What is the difference between a MUV and SUV car?

SUVs have captured the interest of the Indian auto market for quite some time now. The roads are filled with either MUV or SUV cars. While not many people are aware of what is the difference between a MUV and SUV car, there are some distinct contrasting characteristics between them.

MUV and SUV cars are reasonably priced unlike the most expensive car in the world. Car buyers often want to know which is the best mid-size SUV in India based on the price and performance of the vehicle. In the current situation, buyers are spoilt for choice as almost every auto manufacturer has a MUV or SUV car in its model line-up.

Car brands know about the fierce competition between MUV vs SUV cars in the market and are constantly trying to launch new models in the segment. The MUV and SUV car is leading the way in terms of comfort, features, engine options, space and the all-important price tag as well.

MUV vs SUV car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you may be wondering about the differences between a MUV and SUV car. This article will detail some of the major differences between them and help you make an informed decision on which car is best for you. Both types of cars are ideal for long-distance driving. A new MPV or SUV car can be made more luxurious by the best car interior accessories such as seat covers, floor mats and upgraded tech features.

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Comparison between MUV and SUV cars

MUV stands for Multi Utility Vehicle whereas SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. Some popular MUVs in India are the Renault Triber, Toyota Innova Crysta and Maruti Ertiga. If you are looking for an SUV in India, you will find cars like the Mahindra Scorpio, Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Toyota Fortuner.  

Let’s have a closer look at MUV vs SUV cars.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

SUVs are known for having powerful engines combined with four-wheel drivetrains. They have high ground clearance and ample space in their cabin to seat up to 5 adults in comfort. SUVs are especially known for their off-roading ability due to advanced transmission systems, tall suspension and large offroad tyres. They are able to tackle varied terrains and can perform well in road conditions as well. If you consider a MUV vs SUV car on an off-road track, the SUV will be the vehicle of choice.

SUVs have a large, intimidating road presence which is one of the deciding factors for car buyers. The tall driving position gives a commanding view of the road and other vehicles tend to move out of the way when they see an SUV. If you have spent a lot of money on high-performance off-road tyres for your SUV, you may want to consider tire insurance.

When it comes to pricing, SUVs are slightly more expensive than MUVs, but you get powerful engine options and more features like hill climb assistance and locking rear differentials.

MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle)

MUVs are usually toned-down versions of SUVs. They are not as tall or wide as SUVs, rather they are an extended version of a large car that has more van-like characteristics. They often seat up to 7 passengers and make sense as a good city car for the family to get around.

Engines are basically improved versions of units seen on sedans. They have front-wheel drive powertrains which are not well suited to go off-road. MUVs feel more at home in the city where they are driven the most.

MUV and SUV cars cannot be placed in the same price segment either, because MUVs cost less than a full-blown SUV. The smaller, less powerful engines equate to higher fuel efficiency, which makes MUVs a great choice for a daily driver. Since MUVs are driven about in the city through the changing seasons, it is wise to think about car paint protection to keep the car looking new.

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No other segment of vehicles has created a niche for itself like the MUV and SUV car. If off-roading and a tall driving stance is your preferred choice, then an SUV makes sense for you. When it comes to a versatile people carrier for the family on long road trips, the MUV is the perfect companion.

Both MUV and SUV cars can be purchased on a budget and come loaded with new-age technology features for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Some models come with high-end audio systems with subwoofers for an enhanced audio experience while travelling. Others are equipped with tubeless tyres that are durable and provide a smooth ride. The list of best car interior accessories is limitless.

The answer to the question of which is better, MUV or SUV cars, can be answered by individual requirements and budget constraints. And knowing the difference between a MUV and SUV car can lead to the best vehicle for you.

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