What Makes Candlesticks and Bars the Building Blocks of a FOREX Chart?


One way to look at a forex chart is as a window into the foreign exchange market. Typically, it is presented in the form of a graph, with the price shown on the right and the time shown on the left. Visit forex trading

One way to look at a forex chart is as a window into the foreign exchange market. Typically, it is presented in the form of a graph, with the price shown on the right and the amount of time shown at the bottom. To express it in the simplest possible words, it creates a graph depicting the relationship between price and time. 

However, what is important is how prices are represented on the graph, as this can have a significant bearing on the reader’s overall comprehension of the currency market. Chart types are, in essence, the various ways in which market trends can be depicted on a graph.

Along with one’s trading decisions, the use of technical analysis is an essential component of the process of selecting stocks. One of the first considerations that a forex trader is tasked with making is how the price chart will be organized. When there are a lot of great choices available, deciding can be challenging. Candlestick charts and bar charts are two of the most used types of financial charts. Even though they present themselves differently, the information that they convey is strikingly comparable.

Both bar charts and candlestick charts can be broken up across multiple timeframes. Every single bar or candlestick illustrates the high, the low, the open, and the close price for a specific time frame.

  • On a daily chart, each bar or candle represents one day’s worth of trading activity. 
  • Any such bar or candle on a chart depicting 15-minute time intervals represents a single 15-minute trading session.

The Candlestick Graph

The Japanese candlestick chart provides significantly more information when compared to the line chart. Each candle represents four different aspects of the forex market: the starting and closing prices of a certain period, as well as the highest and lowest price levels that occurred within that time frame.

The high and low prices are depicted by the wicks, while the opening and closing prices are represented by the body of the candle. In addition to these pieces of data, the candlestick employs the use of colours to indicate whether the price has closed above or below its starting level. When it comes to making charts, black and white prints were the only options available until colour printing became an option.

Because of this, the bullish candlestick was displayed in white, which indicated that the price finished higher than where it had started. The colour black was used to signify the bearish candlestick, which indicated that the closing price was lower than the opening price. But today we can select the hues according to our tastes. Bullish candles are often coloured green, whereas bearish candles are coloured red.

A Graph with Bars

The two types of charts are very comparable since the information that is displayed in the bar chart and the candlestick chart is very similar to one another. For example, both illustrate prices that are open, closed, high, and low. Both do this. On the other hand, there are a few wording tweaks.

The difference between each bar is much easier to see in the bar chart. The bar charts are made up of vertical lines and little horizontal lines that branch upward from each side. The line on the left side of the graph represents the price at which forex trading began, while the line on the right side of the graph represents the price at which trading ended.

Bar vs. Candlestick Charts

The differences between bar charts and candlestick charts are quite subtle, and in certain instances, they are nearly indiscernible.

To determine the opening price of a particular period, the bar chart places a greater amount of weight on the closing price of the period that came before it, provided that this closing price was higher than the actual opening price of the period in question. The candlestick chart, on the other hand, is based on the opening price of a particular period. This chart is at the opposite end of this spectrum. There is typically only a slight difference between the opening price of one period and the closing price of the one before it, so the change is minimal.

Candlestick charts, as opposed to bar charts, are where most patterns in online Forex trading can be found. Patterns can also be presented with the help of bar charts. On the other hand, candlestick charts are favoured because the patterns were designed specifically for them.

Because trend lines and zone boundaries are just simple lines, the bar chart may wind up being somewhat more accurate once these elements have been added to the chart. When compared to this, candlesticks often have significantly larger bodies, and as a result, they demand more room. As a result, accuracy is difficult to achieve when using candlesticks. Even though the difference may be tiny, many experienced forex traders claim that it has helped them improve their judgments regarding online trading.

The significance of candlesticks and bars 

In technical analysis, both the research and mapping of trends and price patterns utilizing a wide variety of technical indicators and studies are included as part of the scope of the analysis. This relationship between price and time can assist traders in seeing and analysing more data, and it can also help identify areas of indecision or places where market sentiment could shift. As a result, technical analysis can be an extremely helpful tool for establishing entry and exit probabilities to create a strategy or technique.

Checking out the charts

You, as a forex trader, will need to decide whether to use a time-based strategy or a trade-based method to determine the frequency with which new candlesticks or bars will appear on your chart.

  • Charts that are Based on Time

Once a certain length of time has elapsed, time-based charts produce a new bar or line point at the appropriate location. It might be anything from one minute to a week or even a year, depending on how you choose to organize the periods.

  • Charts that are Based on Trade

A trade-based system would function with the assistance of something called a “tick chart,” which can be useful in providing a picture of the momentum that is behind a shift in price. After a certain number of trades have been executed, a tick chart will eventually arrive at a new bar or line point.

Which chart format is most effective for dealing in forex?

The selection of which chart is going to work out best for you is completely up to you. The candlestick chart is more widely used, even though both provide identical information regarding open and close prices, as well as high and low points. The popularity of the candlestick can be attributed, in part, to the fact that it serves as the basis for a diverse array of forex trading formations, tools, and methods. 

It is also possible that the reason why the candlestick chart is more popular is because the colours on it make identifying the bullish or bearish direction of the price easier with just a quick glance. This is supported by the fact that the popularity of the candlestick chart has increased in recent years.

The Bottom Line

Although both charts exhibit the same open-close-high-low data, the candlestick is without a doubt the most widely used of the two. This is since the candlestick serves as the foundation for a variety of open forex account, patterns, and strategies. As was just discussed, the colours are also a factor in the product’s popularity because they make it simple to ascertain the movement of the market by merely casting a cursory glance in that way.



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