How Does The PRP Hair Treatment Influences Hair Growth Properly?

PRP Hair Treatment

That’s why somebody can opt for PRP hair treatment at a young age. However, the PRP hair treatment cost in India can vary. So, we’ll get more into that shortly. But, it’s essential to mention how this PRP hair treatment can contribute to hair growth.

So, it’s worth noting that this PRP or platelet-rich plasma hair treatment is an innovative treatment for hair loss. In other words, if a person has acute hair loss, then it’s time to opt for this treatment. You can opt for this treatment either with hair transplant surgery or hair thinning problems. Moreover, it’s worth noting that many hair transplant surgeons have started to use this technique in their hair replacement surgery as well.

This blog will talk about PRP hair treatment, and the PRP hair treatment cost in India. Moreover, we will also elaborate on the importance or how this treatment influences new hair growth.

The Process Of PRP Treatment

The Process Of PRP Treatment

If you didn’t know about this treatment, you would surely have a few questions. So, when you face acute hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or other problems, the hair follicles generally shrink. That’s why some doctors may use this technique to heal the area.

According to the reports, the PRP hair treatment cost in India varies. It’s a three-step treatment that can heal the hair follicles. Plasma is one of the essential components of our blood. Therefore, it has some unique factors that clot the blood.

So, the process of this PRP treatment is quite simple and easy. First, the medical professional or a doctor will draw out a sample of blood from your vein in the arm. After that, the doctor will place the blood sample in a centrifuge. So, after placing the blood sample in that centrifuge, the machine will spin the blood. In other words, it will separate all the components from the blood.

So, after that, the doctor or the medical professional will use a syringe to extract only the platelets from the blood. Finally, the doctor will then inject the platelets directly into the patient’s scalp.

You need to take some time off for this treatment because it will take you an hour or so. However, you need to take several sessions for it to have any effect. If you are wondering about India’s PRP hair treatment cost, then let us tell you that it’s affordable. Moreover, this treatment won’t hamper your daily activities as well.

The Cost Of PRP

So, now’s the time to know India’s PRP hair treatment cost. As we said earlier, the cost of this program or treatment varies from place to place. Moreover, it also depends on a lot of factors.

If you are wondering what the PRP hair treatment cost in India is, then let’s take a quick look at the factors first.

  • The PRP hair treatment cost in India depends largely on the clinic’s reputation
  • The meticulous skill of the doctor or the medical professional
  • Qualities of the equipment that’s needed for the treatment procedure
  • It also depends on the number of sessions you need for the PRP treatment 

So, all of these will surely impact PRP hair treatment cost in India. Generally, the average cost is somewhere around 5k to 15k. However, as we said earlier, it depends on the place and those factors.

The Advantages And Benefits

PRP treatment is excellent because it promotes natural hair growth. In addition, it also makes the hair stronger than before. Moreover, it’s effective for bald people because it can rejuvenate new hair roots. So, if you lose the shine on your hair or suffer from hair fall, you can book an appointment.

There are a lot of advantages to applying this treatment to hair. For example, it will strengthen the hair from thinning out. In addition, it will also increase the diameter of the existing hair to a great deal.

PRP promotes hair growth

Moreover, it’s also a safe process, and it doesn’t involve any cut or incision. It’s also a non-allergic process because it uses your blood platelets. Furthermore, it’s also an excellent choice if a person wishes to gain healthy and vibrant hair.

There are also more benefits of the PRP treatment. Let’s check them out now:

  1. So, this therapy decreases the sensitivity in the surgical field
  2. Quick regeneration of the tissues is another essential thing to consider in this therapy
  3. You will get a fast result for sure
  4. No post-surgical complications at all.


So, in the end, we can say that many people have taken this therapy and have found amazing results. In fact, people, including celebrities, have benefitted immensely from using PRP hair treatment. Moreover, India’s PRP hair treatment cost is also quite reasonable for you to try out. It’s a relatively new but quite effective treatment suitable for all age groups as well.

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