Winter Wipers vs Regular Wipers: What is the difference?

Winter wipers vs Regular wipers

Wipers are probably the first thing you see when you look outside your car window. In fact, windshield wipers may be even more crucial than your car’s headlights when it comes to safety while driving in the rain or snow.

These car care products are primarily designed to work in harsh weather conditions.  They can push away rain, fog, dirt, dust, heavy snow, and ice without scratching your windshield with the help of the wiper blades that may potentially scratch the glass if subjected to very cold temperatures.

Types of Wipers

There are three main types of wipers: winter, all-season, and regular wipers.

Regular wipers:

Regular wipers don’t have extra features like heated squeegees but they do get rid of rain adequately well. However, you should always consider switching between regular wiper blades and all-season or winter wipers whenever there’s a significant drop in temperature.

Winter wipers:

Winter wipers are primarily made for extremely cold conditions (below 20 degrees Fahrenheit), while all-season wipers can be used in any weather condition since they contain both heated squeegees or rubber blades to remove snow and ice during winter to normal wiper blades that only use rubber blades which may scratch windshields when subjected to very low temperatures.

All-season wipers:

All-season wipers combine the benefits of regular wipers with heated blades/squeegees to remove snow and ice during winter. The main issue with them is that using all-season wipers in areas where there’s little or no chance for snowfall becomes wasteful since they have heating components that are unnecessary when weather conditions don’t require them.

Regular wipers rely on rubber squeegees or blades, just like your household window cleaner, to wipe away rainwater from windshields. They are the most basic type of wiper.  But this won’t be effective against heavy snow or icy weather since these wipers are not designed for extreme winter conditions. They’re the cheapest option available, but you should consider buying an alternative if temperatures drop below 4 degrees Celsius (or 39 degrees Fahrenheit).

On the other hand, when there’s a significant drop in temperature during precipitation or foggy weather, using winter wipers would be more effective since their squeegees or heated elements are designed to take care of snow and ice. 

Considering the importance of the wiper blades, it is necessary that they should be kept clean using the car care kit for a clear view.   

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Regular wiper Vs Winter wiper

A regular wiper contains rubber blades that are attached to a steel frame, while winter wipers have heated elements or squeegees that push snow off of your car’s windshield.

Winter wipers can be especially useful in snowy conditions like the ones we experience every year in India during the months of December, January and February.

As winter approaches, it’s important to look out for winter-specific products such as windshield wiper fluid and winter wiper blades so you can be safe and comfortable during your drive no matter what kind of weather is outside.

A regular wiper contains rubber blades that are attached to a steel frame. When you turn on the wipers, the blades swipe across the windshield when they are pulled by an electric motor or forced by air pressure from an air pump.

Some winter wipers are made with a heated element to melt away snow and ice. Others have squeegees or rubber blades designed to push heavy snow off of your windshield without harming it. 

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